Self Made Man (Updated June 4th: Large/Close-up Wallpaper Version Added)

Self Made Man

Blender 2.42 beta + render nodes, internal renderer. NO post-processing.

Thank you for viewing my work,


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you are the master of abstract art PERIOD

I totally agree, thats awsome!

Fantastic image! I love the concept.

Wow… I love it. I don’t know how you made this, but it is awesome.


I dont know if id call it Abstract, maybe surreal but then again i dont know much about art. i dont need to know much to know its heaps good though

I thought about this piece, and it makes pretty good scence!

You’re right. Man can’t make itself, phisically or socially or emotionaly, without it turing out like crap.

that is really really nice. most of the time I really don’t like or get pictures like this

RobertT, this work is really awesome! I think you’ll have to rerender it in 70x100cm for us to print posters (seriously).

Your abstract pieces work much better for me than your other scenes. I loved the Mechanicalion and in my opinion this one is even better.


But there’s one problem - HOW?

Do tell! :slight_smile:

Nice work. I like the concept.

(How did you accomplish this look? Manually modelling the bits?)


You might get a look like this using an explosion build or script. But maybe RobertT tore it apart by hand :).

Now this is good stuff.


(Hacker :stuck_out_tongue: )

Beautiful work Robert.

Trully inspirational art.

Hmm yes, it look like a program made it.

If you know a bit of programming u probably could use the .obj file then shifted the vertices coordinates slightly. That would be my guess.

I’ll reply more in depth later, but this was all done by hand (which is part of the point of this piece) in Blender through manual face/edge selections/transformations, edge cuts, facial extrusions, textural noise, and vert tweaks. A lot of work over a week :slight_smile:


Very thought provoking. I love art that makes me think for a minute and is aestheticly pleasing at the same time. 5 Stars = )

I can’t even begin to wonder about how much work has been put into this, if it has been done manually…

But it’s truly an awesome piece of art. I wouldn’t mind having it in my room as a poster.

I was wondering how you did it, because some parts look like if you used a script while others absolutely don’t. Yeah, this must have been a lot of tweaking…