Self portraid

After tragic destruction of my usb stick i was forced to give up my many unfinished projects. fortunately pressing “recover last session” saved my last and most ambitious project: my self portrait! I’m using two reference photos, which I’m not gonna show cos I’m embarrassed of my pathetic mustache!:eyebrowlift2: I’m gonna show what it looks so far however… so behold! the magnificent! me!

So tell me what you think, and feel free to give me tips and critics
I know there is an ugly six-pole in my forehead, and the topology isn’t perfect in general, how to fix it? I would like to animate it later on. The eyes don’t look quite right, how to make them look more realistic? Also i would like some tips on topology for chin/jaw area and some ideas how to texture it. thank you in advance.


It’s getting some form and is not too bad but to really give you advice I would have liked to see your reference photo. But anyway…

You are modeling from two reference photo’s but that could be problematic later on. Remember to move the position of the ears a bit forward compared to the photo (photograps kind of distort the relation and placement between forms in a image).

Also, you can ad more edge loops over the head area and neck for detail later. Try to remove those angled edges on the front and looping them across the head, back of the model and to the front.

The soft puffy area under the bridge area of the eyebrows needs to droop slightly over the eyelid - slightly! And you need to look closely at eyelids. They are not simetrical ovals or teardrops at the top and bottom - they vary in shape and size right across there form. Most likely the centre upper lid is dropping a bit more and the tear area is more narrowed. The lower lid should be more tucked in…
(It’s hard to explain. Look at a few photographs)

Also, that mouth is slightly too pointy from the side. It’s at the right place but it’s the form around the mouth that needs more development. Look at yourself in a mirror and turn your head slowly as you look at the change in form.

Remember to check out some anatomy books and study how people simplify and analize the human form - especially the head. A lot of memory work is needed on these kind of models - reference photo’s wil not always give you the best approach.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: