Self Portrait Cycles

I’ve been working on a self portrait for a while now but wasn’t happy with my results in Eevee so I’ve converted it to Cycles. I think I’m getting close but would like a place to dump some progress and get some feedback:


It’s kinda difficult without seeing the reference.

it’s impressive, is it a photoscan and retopo?

Really good work!
Also, some breakdowns of the process would be really helpful

Looking great… like a real photo with the blur in background. Good details, hair a little shuffled, beard neatly trimmed… are the eyes a little crossed like focusing close up on something. Lighting is good for me. Great work… hope to see more from you.

The whole thing was a bit of a long project over the past year.

The model is from a photogrammetry scan I got from a 3D scanner I built (also designed in Blender) Here is a video of me using it:

Here are the scan results as well as some of the WIP shots of the cleanup process:

Cleanup was in Zbrush and Blender. Retopo was using R3DS Wrap and Blender

I might do a bit more of a breakdown on the texture work a little later as well.


Now this is really impressive. Good work! The only thing that’s sticking out are the eyes. Interestingly I don’t have that impression looking at your last PNG. Maybe it’s just the lighting of your render.

Yeah I agree. The eyes need the most work at the moment. skin tone and color grading are another thing that’s killing things for me atm.

I will post a reference image of my self soon.

It’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen, I doubt I would have been able to peg it as CG given a bunch of real photos to choose from, incredible.

Can’t believe nobody mentioned the fact that you designed and built your own scanning system. :joy: it’s brilliant.

Model has turned out really well too. How did you find doing the hair in Blender’s weird hair workflow?


Oh yeah, huge number of points for that. You’re probably at the level where you could print out a clone of yourself for zoom meetings and car pool lanes.


OK yeah the eyes were looking really dead. here’s an update on those. made them blend a bit more into the surrounding anatomy and tweaked the shader. threw in a gif for comparison as well.


Throwing up some alternate angles as well as I go:

And thanks for all the positive feedback / comments!. The project has been a long one but a lot of fun. Still chipping away at things.



Some great WORKflow!

It was a bit of a learning curve
I really was hoping to find some procedural way to do it for most of the workload and I did find some shortcuts. But in the end I bit the bullet and just did it the way Blender expects you too for 80% of it.

If anyone’s curious here’s some shots:


One way I did cheat initially is using the scan textures I was able to get correct location of hair placements which I could convert to a mask then use the mask to affect a vertex group which controlled hair placement:

This gave me a good base but eventually I ditched the modifiers and just edited the weights in Blender.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh sweet, thanks so much!.

Happy New Year!

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Amazing work! That scanner is very impressive. Be sure not to get any flies caught in there when you’re scanning.