self-portrait - my first organic model

Hi Guys,

I am usually doing hardsuface modeling for 3D printing, but i am trying to learn from all spheres of 3D work.
So last month i decided to challenge myself to create self-portrait as real as i can.

I already had (bad) photoscan of myself so had it little easier (no sculpting). In final result are still some errors, but i am point where i dont see what is wrong with it. Also i spent more time i was expecting to spent on it. (mostly tweaking hair system)

Here is result:

So what do you think? did i reach my goal? any tips for future work?

PS: for some reason when i tried to upload *.png i get error “upload failed”

PPS: suit is borrowed and adjusted from Arenyart


The overall detail levels are nicely balanced. I believe you achieved what you were going for! I would probably suggest fixing the hairs under the nose if you can. It seems to be cut off too harshly. That is all I can see that seems too off.

I recommend for future work is a little more on hair reference. Mainly for the eyebrows really because it is too clean. Other hair parts looks pretty good though! Maybe some subsurface scattering. Anyone can nitpick it but just make sure you state what level you are going for next time. Anyway, you did a great job with this portrait.

Firstly, thanks for your reply.
And you are right. Mustache were last bit i was changing and did noticed that harsh cut under nose for some reason. (it was not there in previous versions) I will fix as soon as i will have free PC for rendering.

I was aiming for fotorealism, but did not expect it to be real as i was learning along the way.
In next project I will surely take more time to study eyes as they still seems off as you also noticed.

Well done! I like it. The image has this lighthearted kind appeal to me.
I think it could benefit from some slightly more lively lightning. It seems very dark and gloomy for such a calm (possibly happy face) Maybe your laptop screen is overly bright (as they usually are) or you like it this way, but I would certainly lighten the mood with some warmer/stronger light.
The skin (especially the ear) seems a little too plastic, maybe a little more SSS?
Other than that, really very well done and good luck in the future :slight_smile:

I recommend suggestions from .Adam…

If you want some free lessons for Subsurface scattering I recommend going to the CGcookie archives or check out their youtube account. You will need to create an account to download from their archive. Creating an account is free and downloading from the Archive is also free. These lessons are somewhat dated but still viable and useful.

+[Skin Shading in Cycles] is a two part lesson for learning subsurface scattering. Gives you a grasp with basic Subsurface scattering and also teaches the concept of using a three layer subsurface scattering node tree.

+[Creating a Realistic Head in Blender] is a ten part lesson for three layers of subsurface scattering. This is a lesson series involves blender internal. Main points I recommend from this lesson is learning how to color maps for the layers.
-The lesson part 04 is just a repeat of the cycles version but it will give you the model in the download.
-The lesson part 05 teaches you how to make the maps for all layers of the skin that is needed.
-The lesson part 06 teaches about how to make an eyeball but main part to focus on is the texture.

Archive links:
+Skin shading in cycles/2014

A little long winded but hopefully you find this information helpful. There are many more lessons and tutorials out there. You can fill in the blanks from here.

I like it. My first impression of the skin though was that it was very pale. Too much time in front of the computer screen? It might benefit from some small detailing as well?

I would also say you have some sharp pinched looking areas in the folds of your ears and nostril area that could be softened slightly.

.Adam. - i kind of liked this light setup. It is mostly hdr, but still looked good for me. Lets say that it shows hidden depression i used to have :slight_smile: As for SSS, it did not seemed correct in tests i did at the beginning. I will try to play with it again. Maybe it will show differently with all hairs on. And also it looks like the more samples you have, less SSS is showing.

RodDavis - you are right. I know these tutorials and i saw them all when they were new-ish. I guess i will have to rewatch some of them.

Bunc - yes, i should go out more. :slight_smile: But my skin does not like sun so i was always little pale. By detailing you mean work with texture?

Elficirynn - yeah you noticed. I spend more time on those than i was hoped, so left it like that. I guess i can look at it again with fresh eyes.

Next few days will be busy so i am not sure when and if i will have to make those changes. But thank you all for inputs.

Hi guys

Here is updated picture and if there is no obvious mistake like in previous one, than i will call this one final.

Thanks for your inputs and see you in next project. (probably something with rabbit :slight_smile: )