Self-Portrait Progression (2014 - 2016) + Breakdown

(AMupdates) #1

Anyway, here’s this year’s portrait!

B/W Version:

And a comparison to the 2014 portrait:

This was made in ZBrush and Blender. You can also see a breakdown of the process in this album:

And a timelapse of the process here:

Let me know what you guys think, CC’s always welcome!

(James Candy) #2

Wow, that’s quite the self-portrait! I like the style you went with, and quite an improvement over the original. Nicely done!

(Tonatiuh) #3

Wow, that is a biiiig improvement! I kind of wonder how it will be if you do other in two years!!! Truly a remarkable step forward!
Love the video, (and the music) Did you use a base mesh? it was you who made it? I hope I can advance that much in two years!

(TwoDeer) #4

Nice job. I can tell you got better at composition and lighting.

(happs) #5

Amazing work! So much improvement within a short time. 5 stars!

(AMupdates) #6

Thank you! It actually pretty funny, your photoscan video got me thinking about doing this portrait! Just thought that was neat.

(AMupdates) #7

Thank you! I just used one of ZBrush’s default base meshes, because I REALLY didn’t want to worry about topology this time. If you want to see what the base mesh looks like, it’s in the 7th image in the breakdown album. Anyway, thanks; I’m glad you liked it!

(AMupdates) #8

Thank you!

(James Candy) #9

That’s funny to hear! I’m always surprised when people here on BA tell me they’ve seen my PhotoScan guides. I hope to have more out this year, maybe they will contain some useful tricks you can use on future projects!