"Self Portrait" (Super-Yeti Biplane Business)

My school asked me for a self-portrait poster. Mine is going to consist of… well… This, with some more augmentations, framed in a nice rusty metal frame with axes and some fanciness around it. Enjoy.

Rendered in Cycles, only 10 samples for now, with some Bilateral-Blurring and other post-processing, including some basic film grain. Everything was made over the past 3 days in free time (not much), so it’s a bit rough, heh. Lemme know what you think!

total awesomeness, clearly. one thing, though, is the hair should be blown back.

Thank you! And, heh, yeh, forgot XD Will do

Looks pretty good!
One note is that, if those are laser eyes, I at first through they were the rocket trail of something hitting him in the face…

Overall it looks great though :slight_smile:

Haha, never noticed that XD
I’ll add some more laser-ness