Self Portrait to start the year!

Hey there everyone, I’m new to this community, just found out about it through instagram! Thought I would start a tradition of creating a self portrait at the beginning of every upcoming year. This portrait in particular is a layered, metaphorically biographical piece with a lot to say and a lot to interpret subjectively. I would love to see what you guys think about it, and Im glad to officially be apart of this community.


Good work! Needs more frost on the head, also I don’t think the icicles match the fringe interior.

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Thanks! Could you elaborate a little bit more on why you think the icicles dont match?

Great job!

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I guess he’s trying to say that icicles don’t really happen inside of an usual fridge. Which I guess it doesn’t, but it adds more artistic value in my opinion, so I personally am fine with them.

Thank you!

Yeah it doesnt happen very often thats for sure, but I definitely thought it added a more complete look overall to this piece, so Im satisfied with them for the most part.

Okay, so when you have a lot of frost in a freezer, it never forms icicles. Usually you will get a steady accumulating layer of frost.
What I would do is use geo nodes to get build up of crystals. If you have a buck you can buy this prebuilt node group, Freeze Generator.
Also, if you want to keep the icicles, maybe add frost to them and decrees the length of them,
also shade them to be less transparent.
Hope this helps! :grinning: :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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