self portrait (torq+make up)(lot of pics)

here it is my approach to a self portrait.
it is still wip, and i will appreciate any C&C
thank you

some make up following torq guidelines:


orco temp texture

some crap light scheme:

a kind of “wire”

modelling almost done:

a better orco texture e some post pro:

actual UV new texture:

a good model

Hey, that’s really nice. I wasn’t able to get good results from TorQ’s tutorial (checked out the video tut on the community journal, helped a bit more), but you obviously did!

Very nice! :slight_smile: Am I mistaken or did you actually paint the edges on your face?

Wont that create problems when you draw a straight line on the compu when a line is ‘bending’ in real life? Thanks for inspiration, I will try this soon

Not much crit-e-xism to offer, except perhaps try less specular and slick skin texture? More noise!

Hey BullX this is looking great! Very nice and clean edgeloop and flow and the textures are looking quite good although perhaps a bit pale.
Where do you plan to go with this one, just the head or are you going for the full deal?

:smiley: good setup, I thought myself of making a “Self portrait with painted edgeloops”. Finally I thing I’ll get a plastic head for better manipulation.

The goal would be to make photos with different lightning setups and replicate them in blender, to get the feel of the shapes with the shadows.

As for your model:
Very good overall.

I saw something strange at the top of the eye, like it is too thick. I shows best in the “a better orco texture” image

Also, your eyebrows: look at your front photograph, see the “inside” limit of your eyebrow finishes at the same point of the inside limit of the eye below.
But in your front model the eyebrow goes far more inside.

Drawing edge loops on your own face? Hm, I should try that some time. Nice modeling, nice texturing… Looks like this is going to come close/beat ex-nilo’s head.

thanks 4 C&C work is going on…

Well, the hair looks a little strange (yeah, particles are tricky to work with), but otherwise, keep up the good work!

its better than the original !
no that was a joke. sweet job!

bakerman is right I’d say you have to ry fixing those eyebrows.

great piece of art!


The problem right now is that the eyebrows are sticking straight out from the skin, in the real world eyebrows very follow along the surface of the skin. Try just adding a curve guide to guide the particles.

Holy Cow! That’s good!!!

Now all you need is some hair.

woa, did you draw on your face??

yes i did :slight_smile:
i will fix the eyebrows soon with a curve guide.

i did some test whit hairs too, but nothing good, as bakerman said particles are tricky sometime.

thanks foy your help

thats one heck of a realistic modell
nice texturing
p.s. did you mark your face before taking the picture?..

yes before, whit a make up pencil.
it is useful because of the intersections of the painted loops.
if you put vertex (hem, in blender) on that intersections using front and side view in the mean time you can not do wrong, you will end with something really similar to your face and you just need to add some details :stuck_out_tongue: