self-portrait (well, sort of...)

recently i started to learn character modelling and tried to make some sort of self-portrait (easiest way to get reference pics…:))

i never knew that character-modelling is so hard! i really had a hard time the last days, getting the geometry done, tweaking hair and skin, and still there are probably a lot of things to improve. but i am getting bored of lookin in my face and trying to fake my not so beautiful skin...:no: (perhaps next time i should try to model someone more beautiful :D ) nevertheless, any critique is welcome! anyway, it was great to have such excellent tutorials like: thanks for those!

You should probably lower the alpha of the facial hairs.

not bad… got some problem areas that could hurt you down the line if you chose to animate. But way better than mine! Wait till you get to the texturing, that’s the make or break…

erm… but it is textured already… is it soo bad?:frowning:

eyes are too white, maybe a touch of yellowish wold help, definitly some reddisch towards the edge…(funny critizising someone who’s about 50 times as good as me)…that’s all i noticed. oh one more thing: my nose doesn’t have that hard edges, but maybe you could just upload a pic of yourself, that would make it easier.

Great work! Keep it up!

WOW… that is just awesome! If I were Pixar, I’d hire you…

The texturing is very good. Very good indeed. There are a couple of modeling points that keep it from looking realistic. The transition between the bridge of the nose and the cheek is too sharp. The flesh doesn’t crease at the side of the nose, it flows smoothly into the surface of the cheek. The ear cartilage doesn’t make forms quite that sharp.

The eyebrows are really quite realistic. Are they particles?

I’d make a distinction between the head hair and the beard hair, other than the head hair being marginally longer. Head hair is usually finer than beard hair, although sometimes it’s the other way around. What is rare is to see the same thickness on both.

oh hey, thank you very much!

hehe, no they’re not! at first i tried doing them with particles, but that looked ridiculous! they are the only hairs that i painted. btw, i used these brushes:
well, i admit, some of the eyebrow-hairs (but really, only a few!;)) were done afterwards in photoshop to make it look 3d…
and yes you are right, the head-hair is too thick. in fact, in real life it is MUCH thinner…:eyebrowlift:

Hey Man - You’ve got talent!

Good job dude.