Self Portrait WIP

HOWDY! Working on a self portrait. This is based on the “A Better Face Tutorial” design method. I could use some help on setting in eyes. Also, I’m curious about multiple levels of textures (like bumpmap, specmap, refmap, etc.) when I’m trying to UV mapping.

Don’t I have to go into textures to do that? Or can I combine that with the UVs?


I’m not sure what your question is, but it looks pretty nice unwrepped as is, no stretching or other weird problems visible. The mesh looks quite nice too, like to see a wire though. The eyes seem rather high in the head, or the forehead too short. Also the texture resolution seems really low resolution. Rather a too high resolution to start with than a too low-res one. There is no ear right? I’d say finish the model first, before starting texturing for you might get extra unwrapping problems later on. The question about multiple textures: just unwrap your model once, properly, than simply apply multiple textures, each with UV as texture-method turned on, and each with their own special functions turned on: specular map, only affecting the specularity, bumpmap to the nor and diffuse to the col. You can simply use a greyscale version of the base diffusemap to make the specular and bumpmap. But seeing this start, you’ll be just fine: this looks pretty cool so far! Good luck and start by finishing the model, than increasing the texture resolution dramatically (like 2048x2048 or at least 1024x1024).
Have fun!

Thanks for the input.

Yes, I was wondering about whether I could stack up textures like what you are describing while still using UV mapping, instead of just textures on the shader. I have not done that before, but I understand the concept, so I’ll try to figure that out later.

New photos: can do

Finish modeling ears: working on it…not easy

Adding eyes: trying…tricky business

Position of the eyes: they “seem” OK based on my reference shots, but I’ll look again.

Wireframe view

This is the side view photo reference. I also did a front view, both of which I can re-shoot in a better studio setting.