I got an assignment yesterday, to draw myself (within one hour (45 minutes)).
Here is the result. Though it doesn’t really look like me, I didn’t think I could draw myself like this, so I’m quite happy with it.
Please give me some crits and ways to improve. I need to have it finished by next monday, meaning that I have plenty of time…

it looks good -proportions, feel-- but if you want to improve:

try to draw what you see, not what you think its there. Do you see that lines that profile your nose? Maybe you just applied a ‘recipe’. Forget those. Forget you have a ‘face’ in front of you. Just try to spot the areas, dark areas, light areas. Try to replicate them, regardless its is the nose area, the eyes, whatever. Your face doesnt have lines, only shadows and colors. For example, look at the horse drawn in a post above. You wont see there a single line, but a very good interpretation of light and shaded areas.

Something like this:

Three values is enough. Light, medium, dark.
Take a used piece of drawing paper, roll it up tight, use it to smudge the pencil lines to get tone instead of line. Use your eraser to bring lights back into shaded areas.