Self Portrait

This is a self portrait I have been working on for some time now. I know it needs work in texturing areas and what not, but i think this shot in progress looks pretty cool.


sweet! Give yourself some pecs and a 4-pac, and let’s see a closeup of your face!

But, it’s a self portrait. Maybe he doesn’t have pecs and 4-pacs.

Add a 6-pac.

your pose looks like god via this old picture (dude on left)

Yes sweet! Great pose and nice expression.
I’d love to see some meshes and close-up too.

To me, this is not like the Sistine Chapel at all. It’s more like Caravaggio. Except Caravaggio emphasised contrasts between body/skin and background more. Also note that typically the old masters didn’t use a plain black background, but a near black background – this gives more atmosphere and depth to the image.

Keep it up
/ Mats

hey thanks for the feedback! I’ll try the background trick along with maybe some volumetric fog or a smoky effect…I’ll post some closeups of the face and keep working on the textures. Keep checking for some mesh pics along with updates.

here is a slightly updated shot, closer up with the background a little off of black, and some work with the textures modified. all in all, close to being done.


What a hottie. Are you single?

Great work. The model is really impressive, and the pose showcases it well. I’m anxious to see what you do with the fog or smoke.

excellent render, and also noticed (like Mats), the lighting (chiascuro I believe it was called), is reminiscent of the old masters.

This is headed in a really good direction, can’t wait to see finished.
As an aside, what the heck are you doing in this pose? reaching for the sublime?

haha, about the pose, i think i am reaching for the sublime, you got it! There will be a light source in front of me, like the sun…i wanted it to seem like deep cold space reaching for a sun the size of a basketball. I’ll probably render multiple shots and put it together like a comic panel setup. Thanks for the comments! and no, haha, i’m not single, i have a beautiful girlfriend! I’m flattered though!

-Tai Bo:cool:

Looking good. indeed! :slight_smile:
I’d love to see that small sun lightening up your scene.

Just a note on the near black background – in a painting a plain black background renders very flat. A dark brownish black background produces sort of a depth. The difference is very obvious in a painting, but I’m not sure to what extent it has the same effect on-line.

Keep it up
/ Mats

it’s been a while since i replied to this thread, but im trying to get my demo reel together, so im gonna finish up all these lost images.
here is an almost done self portrait, now with SSS (makes all the diff) and just the shorts and pose needs to be tweaked (and my head is a little too large in this)