Self portrait

done is cycles, render time is about 2 minutes or so.

Ugly person, but excellent work :smiley:

hehe, ok
Glad you like the render!

pretty good, definitly better than I could do. I noticed that the shirt looks quite fake though.

I see what you mean, I’ll get on that asap tomorrow

Great work! its well done, and look who is talking about uggly! hauhauah

How did you render the hairs?

It’s possible to render hairs in cycles by converting the hair particles into curves. You can then change it’s properties like thickness and stuff.
You can composite it from a blender internal scene into a cycles scene.

You can do what mack said but I used separate meshes and positioned them onto the head in bunches to create the hair. heres a pic

Great technique, congratulations!

Excellent modeling! Although you should work more on their render. Also, you could post your photo references, this would help give a more constructive feedback.
Thanks for sharing.

You should make animation with yourself :smiley: