Self Portrait

Throughout my career as an artist, I’ve tried to make a 3D self-portrait about three times, and I always feel the progress in the result, however, this is the first time I think it looks good enough for sharing. I am a trial and error guy, so sometimes I repeat the same personal projects many many times until I get a nice product. This time this is looking much better, I should say.

Workflow :

1) Base sculpting in Sculptris.
2) Retopo in Blender.
3) High poly sculpting in Blender.
4) Hair setup in Blender.
5) Texturing and Materials with Photoshop and Blender.
6) Rendering with Blender and Cycles at 5000 samples.
7) Post-production in Photoshop and After Effects.

Final render :

Clay render :

Wireframe render :

First part of the time-lapse (base sculpting) :


Awesome! Looking forward too.

Thank you mdj!!

If some one knows how to easily convert a normal video to a time-lapse (speed it up) I would appreciate it! Thanks!!


Nice work man! An easy way to speed up video is just to through it into the VSE and add a “Speed Control” effect- the property slider is at the top in the (N) panel.

Thank you!! It’s going well with After Effects but will have that in mind :slight_smile:

suppa duppa fly.

What does that mean?

Haha it means really good Sebastian:) Nice job on this man, I’ll be looking for the time laps for sure:)

Why do you look so scary, I don’t want to meet you in person if that is the first thing I will see.

I wish I had your skills, it looks so good.

Oh! haha Thank you Derek!! I will be uploading it by the end of the week :slight_smile:

Thank you Martynes! Actually I took the reference pictures from the raw pictures of my rockband’s album cover, and I thought it would be fun to create a selfportrait from it, I had never made somthing scared like that, it was like an experiment also :slight_smile:

Thanks so much and don’t be scared hahah :smiley:

Hi everybody! The awaited time-lapse! This is the first part (base sculpting) :