Self Portrait

Hey everyone!
I originally did this as celebration for 2000 likes on my facebook page.
But to also post it on other sites I removed the hovering text and replaced it with some blurry fireflies. :wink:

Here’s the original :wink:

I spend a lot of time on the hair btw! To show my effort with the model here are some viewport screenshots :wink:

I hope you like it and please let me know what you think!
Critique is very welcome as always!


Congratulations for your 2000 likes and for your sculpt! You transmit exactly what you want. I like the facial expression and I also prefer the fireflies to the FB icon.
BTW, is that ZBrush sculpt or Blender?
Have a good day!

Wow this looks awesome!

Thanks! I sculpted everything in Blender with dyntopo. Except the shirt which I modeled :wink:
Have a nice weekend!

Very nice style, very nice.

You are one stellar artist, Julien. Keep inspiring us! :smiley:

You, sir, inspire me. The fine detail in the hair… stunning. I literally stared at this masterpiece for 10 minutes. I… LOVE… the style and would KILL for one of myself.

Do you maybe have a timelapse of the sculpting? Maybe a tutorial? Something to satisfy my urge to have one? How long did this take by the way? And is the skin node setup complicated? It looks simple… I like simple.

super nice work;) Congratulations for your 2000 likes:yes:

Thank you so much! :smiley:
So far I didn’t do any timelapses but I’m planning to do so ( maybe even some mini-tutorials :slight_smile: ). I did make some tutorials & mini-interviews on 3D total and Blendernation about my creation process though.
For this artwork I didn’t do much shading at all. I just gave them a simple diffuse-glossy material with the vertex colors plugged in, set up some lights and did the rest in Photoshop. Simple :wink:

How do you get such clean surface from dynamic topology. great work

Turning the resolution up bit by bit & a lot of smoothing! :smiley:
Usually: First stroke to get a higher resolution -> Smooth over it -> Then sculpt the detail.
After that keep the setting at “Subdivide Edges” to not accidentally destroy some details somewhere and I can also recommend using “Constant Detail” instead of “Relative Detail” at a certain point to keep a certain detail level :wink:

awesome man … keep it up :slight_smile:

Beautiful work!

Hair has a good finish.

Could you post wireframe?

Thanks for the tips Julien I definitely put them to good use.

@Clueless123456 dude its a dynamic topology sculpt aside from the shirt like Julien said, all you are likely to see is a mass of triangles.

Very nice work!

Love the styling. The characters pose is perfect!

Blender institute could use a new big bucks bunny movie but with humans. This style would fit perfect.

Fantastic work. Congrats on 2000 likes.

How did you give the lips another material in such a complex mesh?

The entire head has the same material. I just used vertex colors :wink: