I’ve worked on this for quite a while. I’ve decided to force myself to stop reach for perfection as that slows down my process, so… here is the mesh of my head.

I did my best and I think I managed to eliminate any tris. The ear isn’t the best but I don’t want to put too much detail on it… I’ll perhaps fix it through normal mapping :cool:

Next step for me is texturing. But before that, I seek the forums feedback!



You are off to a good start, this should turn out quiet well if you keep at it. Just work on the form of the skull a little bit more. Most of what I see as been a bit off can be picked up in the side profile; the back of the head where the neck joins into the skull is a bit too flat i think the head could extend a bit futher back, the check bones are a bit flat make those edges that start off at the lower eyelid bulge out more the jaw line should also be moved closer to the ear.