Sell 3d models on gumroad

Hi all,

I’m producing an animated drama series about hip hop: mumble rappers vs. lyrical rappers. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on hiring people. However, I really do want to pay people a reasonable price for their models. Here’s the deal: I am more than willing for people to sell their models on gumroad after I purchase them. For example, if you create a 3d model of an an apartment interior and you sell it on gumroad for $50 or $100 or whatever, then I’ll purchase it and you can keep selling it on gumroad.

I’ve seen a lot of good blender artists on here that are selling their models on gumroad. It would be amazing to hear what people think. Thanks!

I may be off base on this… but everyone keeps selling their models after someone purchases.

Always read the license…important ! Many are “attrib” and you must give a link back to where you purchased when you show it in pubic. Many you can not resell in it’s form [3D].

I agree with you… people who are gracious to release their 3D assets are saints of the 3D world. I have learned just from observing models allowed for download.

It’s a grand world… especially with et. all in this world of time.

Yes gumroad is a great place along with blendswap, blendermarket and even more…

hope to see your project roll out here some day… lots of encouragement to you…:slightly_smiling_face:

I can try to help. What models do you require?

Thanks tigerlilly. As I’m writing the script, more details will become apparent. But right now, the main one I need is a night club. I found some on turbosquid but they’re not what I am looking for. I can send over some google images of what I have in mind. Basically, it will require a stage for rappers to perform on and a dj set up, along with the other features of a normal night club. I’m not too picky on the details; but it will need those features. Let me know if you’d like some images. Appreciate the response!

Sure, the images should definitely help.

Hey sorry for the delayed response. I’m going to wait on the night club for a bit as there are a lot of variations. In the meantime, would you be interested in making a 3d model of The Breakfast Club? Here is a youtube link: