Selling 3d models advice


I am considering selling 3d models online on sites such as

Does anyone have advice for a beginner seller on the website.


I’m not really good with advice but there are pros and cons. One of the best things about going that direction is the amount of traffic that goes through such sites. That’s potentially a good way for your models to get exposure. One of the issues with that is the dense population of artists that use them. That creates a lot of competition. The answer to this problem is likely to be: work really hard to make your models stand out in an appealing way.

There is also other options. Hosting them and selling them yourself through a paypal account or software that allows credit card payments. The issue with this is generating traffic to your site. The answer to this problem is likely to be: work really hard to find ways to expose your work.

There are other resources out there where you can croudfund for a cause…or what ever you can dream up really.

Whatever you decide to do, there will be one aspect that will demand a great deal of your attention. It really helps if you are passionate about that particular aspect.

The only experience that I’ve had with this is my own which has been limited to a more experimental model. I don’t think I could advise from it because, quite frankly; I haven’t finished figuring it out for myself yet.:o

The only advice that I feel like I could give is to work hard. Times are changing and thinking outside the box can have a positive effect. You’re an artist. You’re trained to be creative. You can do that too.:yes:

Thanks for the advice, I agree to make it on the website will require hard work and passion. I am going to give that route a go and separate myself from the competition as best I can.

This is a link to a help page on Turbosquid that has a lot of good advice about selling and presenting models for sale. Even if you have no intention of selling at Turbosquid, this advice will be helpful at any of the brokerage sites that you decide to sell your models.

i suggest turbo squid. i have tryed both and like the squid more.

Thanks I will look at it :slight_smile:

Is it possible to upload the same models on both sites or would I have to have different models for each of them?

I see it says third party renderers may cause issues would cycles still be ok to use? I haven’t used blender render for months now

As in any startup venture, you may wish to look at the goods already displayed by potential competitors and then try to carve either a niche, or make something better or appropriate to the market.

Very true that or even find a niche market and flood it