Selling 3D models online

I started modelling recently and have had some interest in the models I make, so I want an online marketplace to sell models on, I’ve seen that the most common sites like CG-trader and turbosquid require some sort of personal details such as my passport or ID which I am not that comfortable with.

Does anyone have any suggestions for online marketplaces which have a good royalty rate but that don’t compromise on privacy or data usage?

I am based in the United Kingdom which might affect tax amount from marketplaces in other countries.

Thanks for any suggestions

I had to submit images of my driving license front and back, a selfie, my bank details, and more, all just to book a studio out for a band practice… Welcome to the modern world, it’s risky, and you’re probably worried about identity theft, but realize that CG-trader and Turbosquid are huge companies that have to follow GDPR and other data protection protocols that means customer data has to be stored properly on very secure servers and handled correctly, so with any luck can trust them with your personal data. You register your own business with HMRC and you keep a record of all your costs and income resulting in your net profit,then you fill in a tax return at the end of the year to calculate if you will need to pay tax( you need to earn more than £12,500 in profit in a year, before you even need to pay a penny of tax!) , it matters not what person in what country purchased your 3D model or where turbosquid or any other 3D model site is based, it makes no difference where the money comes from you just calculate your profit and fill in the tax return in the UK, it’s simple.
And the great thing is, even if you sold thousands of models and earnt income from other areas in 3D, and you made say £20,000 profit after costs in the tax year, you can buy a workstation, spend thousands of pounds in tools, and software licenses, and that will count as business costs reducing your profit down below £12,500 meaning you wont pay any tax for that tax year again.

I work for Sketchfab. To sell in our Store, all you need is a PayPal account. To read more about applying, see here:

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