selling 3d models

i want to sell my models. im selling now through turbosquid (all models made in blender). this is not bad but not great too…
please can you help me and share your experiences with this and other selling sites?
which looks best to you?
i know about renderosity, 3dexchange, the3dstudio …
please can someone help me where are best places to sale?

I have a model on TurboSquid, but it hasn’t sold yet…:frowning: product link

a had a few downloads on turbosquid, but i want to know if there are some better places…

i dont think 3D model selling is a very ‘hot’ business right now. unless you make thousands of them so that statistically you are bound to sell quite a few, or if you are cg talk CG choice gallery good ( you just arent going to make much cash.

yes, im sure this is not “hot” bussines, but if i have 3d models lying in CD´s and DVD´s at home, why not upload them ?
i want only to find some useful 3d model shops. i dont want a loose few days with uploading on many servers without any result.

As an artist, you’re not going to get far just selling models.
You’ll need to fit the costumer’s demands.
That is to say, the only way to make a living as a 3D artist is to either work for a company or be a freelance artist available for hire.
I understand that those are not an option, so I’m afraid you’ll have to be statisfied with what you’re selling right now. You don’t just buy a model, unless the style and the what of it are what you’re looking for.
Other than that, you could use your 3D skills as a supportive thing for whichever job you have :slight_smile:
The possibilities are quite endless.