Selling 3d models

If one were to go about selling 3d models the price would have to be reasnoable
depending on the quality
Would someone who has some experience in this area give me some idea of the ratio’s of price and quality
possibly with some actual files
Hopefully this is clear

please answer !

check out turbosquid

any more help ?? at all

I can give a long and detailed dissertation on how humans subjectively value goods using the law of marginal utility if you think it would help…

go ahead…

What sites are you considering selling your models, so you could ask for specific user experiences. I assume that the first thing you would have done is to google something like ‘sell 3d models’ or some such term to get a list of potential sites.

Its amazing how many people can’t even bother doing the most basic research before relying on other people to do the work for them.


turbo squid is very bad, they blackmail artists into making their models exlusive, and now turbo squid isn’t the best anymore!
The3dStudio is the best
this is where i sell.

never really like turbosquid anyway, always thought that the models was overpriced and not very good quality

well i have tried selling models on my own website…and also i have tried turbo squid but i need to know …wheredo people actually make money.
not just post things and wait forever and never get any customers

Hmm I wouldn’t say Turbosquid is a good place to make money especially considering some new changes that have just started around there, but you can def make money selling 3d models, its not going to happen over night, and also you have to be sure your geometry is high quality. Keep in mind also that some artists are in other countries, so they can sell their models for a lot less then others, this drives down the price for others everywhere. Best thing to do is to have a large collection, of quality models. Buyers are looking for something in particular when they shop, if you only have a few models, chances are you don’t have what they’re looking for. Be prepared to wait a while before sales get going, try offering a few models for free so buyers get to know the quality of your work.

Hi. Selling models alone wont make you a lot of money… Checkout sites like:

there is money too in flash game content, props and sets(scenery), characters for indie developers, iphone games and game industry in general. There are more sites dedicated to model packs and 3d art.

Im talking videogames here, if your work is photorealistic maybe there is money too doing realistic models for stock photography pages, etc. Dont forget jewellery too.This is in my opinion of course, there are more ways to make money with models.

Selling models doesn’t make much money, I agree. You need to have quantity (quality is important too). Advertising your website also by creating links in popular locations like BlenderArtists in your signature or another location that recieves traffic. Look to sell in as many places as possible. Also, if you wish to bring more traffic to your website, make sure you have discounts on your products (make sure you have plenty low cost products, that way, the customer may decide to buy more). One place you should begin selling on is If you join there affiliate program, you get 20% commission on all sales that come through your affiliate links. Also, you want different types of products as well (stock photography, textures, etc.).

To answer the price margin question, a photorealistic model of a car could go for as much as $90. Furniture could be anywhere from $15 to $50 depending on the quality of the piece. Whatever you do though, the lower the price, the better the interest in your products are. Multiple sales wins over high price sales.

Hope this helps,

I sell models on Turbosquid, and am very happy doing so. As Turbosquid now tells people, through their level system, how much sellers have made, I can tell you that I’ve sold close to $3000. worth of models and textures, in about 3 years. I don’t want to hear people say you can’t make any money selling models - if you look at Turbosquid sellers, there are lots of Diamond level sellers - people who have sold more than $10,000. worth. I don’t know much about the other model sales sites, but lots of people make a good extra (or main) income. Here’s the giant secret…Have lots of products for sale. I have about 700 items for sale on Turbosquid. You can’t expect to publish 10 items and have someone buy them instantly. You just have to learn how it works. I’ve learned all sorts of things about Turbosquid that I’m not going to share, that help my models and textures to sell. The people on the Turbosquid, and I’ve got to assume it’s the same with all the sites, who sell well and consistently, work hard at it, and treat it seriously. I published 17 new textures the other day, at $8 each, that I think will sell. MAybe in 6 months, maybe today. I’m not bragging or anything like that. I’m just saying you have to put the work in. Study what’s selling, fill a void etc. Don’t just make a sword, render it once, and sell it it for $30 and check your sales every 10 minutes to see if it’s sold. Won’t happen.

I also give away models and textures, and make money from the ads on my site. See my signature for the free site and a link to my stuff on Turbosquid. Shameless self promotion.

Well, that’s my rant. Just work hard at it, and you’ll find success.