Selling a game made in BGE?

Hi, i’ve heard a lot of discussion about the GPL license and the blender game engine but am not exactly sure what it means? Is there any limitations that is causes? Could someone explain it in a nutshell?

Also where would be a good reliable place to sell the game from? I know that it can be submitted through the steam green light however if the game doesn’t get through that would there be any other reliable sites you would recommend?



Yes you can sell GPL’ed applications (Blender, Blenderplayer, game application file).
No you can’t forbid that the recipients sell it too as often as they want.

Yes you can deliver a GPL part and a non-GPL part but they can’t be in one application file.

See the sticky GPL thread for more details.

I cant help with selling as I never did.

How much money can we make with this game right here ? This game has more land vehicles on one map than all the EA Battlefield series combined. LOL. You guys don’t see this many vehicles not even in GTA5.


Land Vehicle 004.blend (775 KB)