Selling a Game

Well I am working on a game and I was wondering how to go about selling it (and if i can sell it is it allowed to sell a bge game I made ?) like were to sell the file and all that jazz im 17 and I am just getting into this stuff >.< and thought doing little hobby games selling them along with artwork I do could help along with a job O.O

Yes, you can sell a BGE game.

There are multiple threads discussing that and discussing the issues with the licence. Please do a search in this forum.

I been looking and I really havent seen anything covering this or I did not understand lol most of threads got into arguments lol

you can sell your game on STEAM service : (i thing), you sshould find it out there :wink:

Actually, selling a game on Steam would be rather impractical for a 17 year old who’s just getting into the business. Once you’ve made a game good enough for them to accept it, you have to do quite a bit of integration to get it to work within their systems.

I would recommend looking up C106 Delta’s BPPlayer in the Game Engine Resources Forum. As far as I’m a aware, it’s the best option currently available for people looking to commercially distribute games made using the BGE.

I have read a document about game selling via steam and there is written, integration with steam is pretty simple, only you should know only bit of C++ and you should post them demos or scrreenshots

PS:onetime (maybe for 1 to 2 years, Id like to sell my game via steam, too :smiley:

I read steam it looks awesome however the integration would be problem I think because I know no c++ and I am horrible with scripting I so wish I could retain scripting languages in me head. I am gunna keep trying to get python learned but I have such a hard time retaining the codeing like all the little functions you got to memorise XD