Selling blender

Ya, that’s right

A guy (i dont know who) it’s offering blender and some doc’s for sale in “Mercado Libre” a site like ebay

Someone has begin to denounce and put commentary for this guy.

This guy most be burn in hell! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

Eh, lots of people do that on ebay. As far as I know if he includes all the source code it’s legal if i understand the gpl right. If somebody is dumb enough to purchase it then well, it’s their own fault.

It is perfectly legal to sell Blender.

While not encouraged, the Blender Foundation doesn’t discourage it either. He is violating the copyright of those individuals who haven’t given him permission to use their artwork to promote it thought.

What is the denomination he is selling in?


Does that say he’s selling it for $25,000?

I might consider buying it, but only if he throws in Linux and MySQL in the deal!

u know… if u gona go out and buy something for 26k ur not just gona say “o well its just 25k” ur actualy gona go and do osme reaseach on the thing… blender will never sell for more like 5 buks lol and thats just proly the Sand H plus the cd cost or somehting

sorry, but I think that 25k are not dollars.

I’ts cash of a latin american country (Colombia, i think)

Hahaha… i see now, He delete the 2 messages.

25000 Colombian Pesos is 10 US dollars…


Good ole inflation :smiley:

And this has been discussed many times before.