Selling Game models (5-15 for $30+?)

hey all

I was just wondering if any one here would be interested in buying model packs that can be used in the game engine. they would come with textures, and rigging (maybe basic animations). below is an example of what would be listed in a $60 pack:

5 Game models (optimized and checked for errors :))

5 1024x1024 colour, nor and spec maps

5 512x512 colour, nor and spec maps

fully rigged (were applicable) with instructions

instructions on how to use models, textures (nor, spec etc)…

I would have low-poly and high-poly (for game engine) models in packs, the more detailed, the more it costs.

I would release a free pack containing some models to see what the qaulity is like if any one is interest. The models can be used for commercial purposes except repackaging or selling the models.

Anyway before i type more ill show some screen shots of models i have done so far. these arent finalised but i think they are decent enough to show. These would be the low-medium qaulity models (the poly counts are under 1500k).

I used jpg and the qaulity has gone down, sorry :(.
screen-cap -skateboard
render - skateboard
This model has more but i have left it out since they are not textured, the other parts include rocket boosters, launch platform. Also the top of the rock can be detached and has geometry and textures in between the joins.
Corvette ship

medium level detail, no textures yet!

Look’s very nice Daniel8488 :wink:
I would not find need to buy them but I bet there are people out there that would buy your work :wink:
But I dunno 60 $ ? I think thats to much maby I am wrong :S
But Keep up the good work Daniel8488 :wink: And hope you sell some of your work.


I’m not entirely sure if you’re allowed to sell Blender models. You would do well to look it up.

you are allowed to sell blender models. after all ive made them, so i should see why not. ill still look it up though just incase :slight_smile:

$60 is quite alow, maybe ill lower the prices. the screen shots that are on show are of low/ medium qaulity which would sell for lower prices. the packs for $60 would contrain either lots of models or high qaulity models that have crap loads of detail (for tech demos or next gen games)

Models get routinely sold on for over $100 US a pop. I don’t know if you think you’re capable of competing with that quality, but I don’t see why not.

The big issue is probably format. Most people will prefer to buy models in LWO or MAX format than in .blend

But yeah, don’t be afraid to ask for what you think they’re worth.

-have a look at this site for model prices


-yeah obviously you can sell your models… low poly models go for anything from $20 to $250… depending on quality,size and number of models… if the blender exporters where better… hmmm well you could cover more bases… I’m planning on doing the same thing… but not only for blender… i’ve been researching what’s out there. looks like i’m gonna have to cough up for a license for 3dsmax tho… ouch expensive… until blender gets proper texture and shadow baking… I can’t wait to long for that to happen… but go for it!

Nice models, but I doubt that you’ll find many people here who will want to buy any, because they can just model and map their own. However I’m certain that you can find someone to sell them to, somewhere.

About the price: I can’t really say weather or not the whole set will be worth $60 (because I didn’t see all the listed models), but if I had to buy models, I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for the things you already posted screenshots for. Although as I said, I don’t know what else you plan to put in there and how good it will look, so I can’t give a definite answer.

If I may give a suggestion: Try to assign prices to individual models rather than packs. Packs ussually come with a variety of different models, which is ok, but not so good for a person that just want’s the rocket for the space game. Buying a whole pack just for a few models that are sold with it never sounds like a good bargain.

Don’t get me wrong you can still sell packs (somekind of special promotion maybe), but assign individual prices for everything, so that all your models can be sold individually.

Yea you can sell models, try this site . I’m personally not a fan of how they handle transactions, but it seems like they have a lot of users.

If you seel em as .x files, virtually every 3d modelling program can use them