Selling Games made with Blender 3-D (Is it Okay, or not?)

Hi guys! I am currently designing a First Person Shooter to sell to help my family. Concepts are:

  1. The Last of Our Youth
  2. Cells (Survival Horror; more like Amnesia: The Dark Descent)
  3. The Last of Our Heroes (sequel to 1; this can be before or after the first choice)

But to my understanding, Blender’s license allows you to sell your games in .blend form. But if it is in a Standalone form, you must license it under the GPL. Hopefully tough, I saw a tiny snippet that says that you could also sell the Blender Player along with you game. I am a bit confused: what does this really mean? Could this mean that I could sell my game but also sell the Blender Player in which a majority of gamers might not know what it is?

Please help, I would highly appreciate it if you could explain it to me further.

The Blenderplayer is GPL, and according to the Blender Foundation, any blend file bundled into the Blenderplayer is also covered by the GPL. This means that you have to make the source code available upon request. This does not prevent you from selling the GPL’d software though. Also, all of your assets and non-bundled blend files can be licensed however you want.

All GPL files can be sold or given away for free by the recipient. The GPL provides this right.
If you do not want that you need to separate GPL-data from other data with other licence (e.g. your licence).

This allows the recipient to redistribute the GPL files (blender player) but not the other data.

how could you then sell a finished game? selling the blend file is a bit unprofessional.

.Blend files containing your game content should not have anything unprofessional about it. While we think about it, most of the time file formats has no “magic” in them. They are just files containing data.

if a player fires up blender player that loads up your game. Would he/she care where the data comes from if it works? :slight_smile:

Package the blend file as an external file, and merge a loading blend file with the executable. In other words, your game executable would load your blend file. If someone asks for the source, you’re only under obligation to provide the loading blend file.

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This idea is great SolarLune, but if you want to sell a game like, well any other game, you ll find a hard time ahead of you, its weird to see a game engine that makes hard for you to make money with but this is BGE!

All mayor games use .ZIP files with weirdo extensions, like .pkg .s2z .bin, so its similar to Blender .blend which its a .GZ

If anyone want to hack your game, he/she will, more hard you make it, more hard you will be pwn.

GPL its a Commercial licence, and you can make a 2 lines Hello_Wold and sell it for 50.000 $.

If someone want to hack your game, congratulations, you have done something that worth it, and probably you get a nice amount of $.

I would also like to add. That if the game is a single-player game, it doesn’t really matter if it’s protected or not (from hacking).
it’s always down to the player anyway if they want to fiddle with the rules or not.

Trust your game’s customers/community! :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a standalone, not a blend file. Thanks guys for replying! It reaaally helped me alot!!! :smiley:

Should be fine!

Hmm… I wouldn’t give a damn who wants the source… I’d just sell it; As it is your intellectual property, you can do what you want with it, though I think you may be obligated to credit Blender in some way.

You can make a Single File Self-Executable with Python, :slight_smile:
there are recipes for that, i’ve never do one specifically for Blender.