Selling my 3DCoat 4.9 Pro license -- SOLD!

Yo!.. I am selling my 3DCoat 4.9 Pro for $160 (USD), which is very generous, since it is way less than half of the Pro license price of $379. Hell, that’s even a hundred and twenty bucks cheaper than the (very likely) Black Friday price of $280 that will be coming this BF (last year’s BF sale was $100 off). I’ll accept PayPal only. And I’ve double-checked that 3DCoat licenses can indeed be transferred. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

If you aren’t familiar with 3DCoat, it is like a mashup of Pixologic’s ZBrush and Adobe’s Substance Painter, and it is capable of most everything you can do in those two apps, but in one app. Good stuff, I just don’t need it myself in my workflow.

Still for sale!

Now reduced to $160! Getting ready to pull the trigger on some new GPUs, and it would be cool to sell 3DCoat to help offset that cost a wee bit. It’s all good if not. But no one was biting at $180. I’m not sure I’m going any lower than $160 though… That is f***ing ridiculously low, for what you get.

omfg… I just got trolled (my first time miraculously) by some creepy mother-effer in 3DCoat PMs, who went over there and made a new account, just to screw with me… Okay, so now I am only selling to someone who has some cred, with tons of posts, here or on LW forums. And I’ll sell my GPUs on craigslist… jezus, no wonder I don’t do social media. Too many sick f***s out there…

My intentions are pretty goddamn wholesome, I’ll have you know, just like when we had a garage sale this spring… I surely don’t need the money, but I figure other folks can use the stuff I’m not using, and its cool to give nice people a break on nice things, and I put a couple bucks in my pocket. Now I totally feel that this was not worth the effort, by a long shot, especially for someone with my hourly rate…

These days, it might be more difficult to sell the license of a sculpting/painting app. (on BA) because of Pablo’s work in 2.8x (if you saw the thread, you notice the people who no longer want to use Zbrush even).

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Yeah, prolly. Good point. 3DC is pretty nice though, and surely has some good stuff going for it. Maybe it will sell, maybe not… Whatever. Not a biggie.

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I own 3D-Coat myself. It’s definitely a very competent sculpting tool, and especially good in PBR painting / texturing workflow and manual retopology. Even the automatic retopology tool (Autopo) is almost on par with ZRemesher.

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I’ll buy it. Definitely. It would be nice if you could first do the legwork on the license transfer, which is usually something you have to do with them first.

PM me and lets get this rolling.


I keep my license for retopology and the pbr painting and one point not even zbrush can do is doing real 3d damage like seen in this video here, it’s the only app that let you do that ;


SOLD! Finally!

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