Selling My 6 Years of Blender Skills

Prepared to create art assets for cheap.

Give me a brief, time and it shall be done.

Workflow includes Blender > Zbrush > Topogun> Substance/Photoshop > UE4.

Able to do personal tutoring for anyone at 20$ an hour.

I focus mainly on game art. Currently Doing my Bachelors in Creative Technologies (Game Art) Degree at Media design school New Zealand.

please feel free to email me: [email protected]

this room is for posting job offers, not for advertising your services - that goes in off topic or possibly in some other board, just be prepared - a mod will move or delete this thread.

Hey mate add me on Facebook (Jacob Trump), We have a group there we are MissionSoft, we are legion, not just a small crew and we need people like you! I’m doing the sound effects stuff and some light game asset creation as I only have 2 years in cg. You can find our group “MissionSoft” the pay is negotiable.