Selling my unopened GTX 580s - Sweden


Since there is no buy and sell section on BA I though I could post this here.

I have a few GTX 580 1,5GB I bought for rendering but I never ended up using them. So, I thought I should sell them while 580 still is a good card for rendering.

They are of the model MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr III Power Edition.

Sure, they are not the best anymore, but if you survive with 1,5GB memory, they are still good, and obviously way faster than CPU.
I bought these for rendering, so they have Twin Forzr III coolers, so they should be able to run at max load for longer wthout getting too hot.

Since I have never used them, the boxes has never been opened and they have never been tested, but unless there was some kind of production malfunction they should work well.

I only ship within Sweden since it would just be too expensive otherwise.

1000 sek per card or the highest bidder. Shipping is 65 sek for one card and 90 for two cards. Or if you happen to live close to Östersund, you can come and get them if you want to.