Selling plastic sculptures?

Do people sell resin sculptures they print out on a printer? I am wanting to know if I buy a 3d printer, would I be able to sell sculptures printed on it. I tried looking on eBay to see if these are being sold, but all I could find was nudity.

Yes, people do indeed but as with any commercial venture, making oneself aware of legal obligations prior too selling content online would I think be worthwhile keeping in mind:

Thank you for that article. I do not plan on copying anyone’s work. Only my own original work would I print out. I just not certain anyone would actually purchase any sculpture from me that I made if I got a 3D printer.

I was thinking of elephants, snakes, alligators. Maybe dragons if I can get a good looking one.

Oh, something not mentioned in the article, celebrity busts. You have to get permission from the celebrity before being allowed to make and sell images of them.

some people maybe would buy it but probably you wouldn’t make much money from stuff made out of plastics.

in my experience it works better with other materials like ceramics or metal (jewelery!) but then you probably can’t afford the printer but have to use a service like shapeways.

That is good to know. I planned on learning how to sculpt clay. Just yesterday I ordered some clay so I could start working in it.

I tried looking at the prices on shapeways and materialize webpages. The one’s with automatically giving quotes when uploading models. The prices where much too high. It would be cheaper to buy a printer.