Selling V-Ray Standalone

Update: NOW SOLD!


Hope the mods are okay with this – otherwise, please move or lock!

I have a copy of V-Ray 2.0 Standalone (the one you want if you use the Blender exporter) that isn’t seeing any use. I checked the license and emailed ChaosGroup to be sure, and license transfers are permitted, so if anyone is interested, I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. Store price is US$490, or about 350€ – I’m looking for $250 / 185€ (or make me an offer if you feel like it).

I figured payment would be by PayPal or bank transfer, and then I’d email ChaosGroup with your info for the license transfer and send you the dongle via post. Please let me know via PM or email <removed> if you’re interested.


  • Peter

Update: NOW SOLD!