SEM Blood Video

Well, I’ve finally got it done. This is the final video that was handed in as part of a University module. I’ve added sound (which I’m very proud of, so turn it up) and done some quick fade in/out work using cinelerra.

I did not manage to finish the video as I had hoped. This is only a small clip, the full version should be almost 6 times longer. It was all rendered using only one eye of a stereoscopic camera rig that was created, as well as being longer when completely finished it will also be shown on a 6 metre polarised 3d screen. The demo’s I’ve done look very impressive.

But since you can’t see all of this you’ve got this ‘trailer-ised’ version.

Let me know what you think.

Small DIVX (2.8mb)

Large DIVX (~14mb)

That was excellent! The lighting was perfect, as was the animation and sound! That lighting setup you have is interesting. It gives that sort of electron microscope look (which is good in this case). How long did you work on this? How long did it take to render? Keep up the good work. :smiley:


Looks great.
All that hard work paid off. :slight_smile:

Wow, that was good! (don’t forget to turn down the speakers when finished watching).

Any chance of doing a human reproductive version of that? Just kidding.

That was excellent, as far as short clips go.
I really like your music! Put a full song in the traditional art section! :smiley:

Put a full song in the traditional art section! :smiley:

Um, sorry about that. It’s a Jazz track off a compliation CD of mine. I suppose there should be some music credits in the end there somewhere.

It gives that sort of electron microscope look (which is good in this case)

Lol, that was the general effect I was after (Hint: see thread title)

How long did you work on this?

Too long! I had a long time to do it, about 3 months, so I just took my time. The hardest part was figuring out the lattice for the particle systems. A close second comes the camera rig.

The SEM lighting is entirely camera orientated so those 4 lights are all parented to suzzane (the middle one is negative). You can see 2 cameras and each are attached to a small path to allow for a drunken camera DOF. This wasn’t used in the end as the render times were pushed too high. Though the capability still exists. To point the camera at any one thing you simply move suzzane and then move the empty at the bottom right. Render right eye, render left eye, bam, you’ve got stereo images.

How long did it take to render?

At half size (the one in the 800x600 video) it takes roughly 3 min a frame. So to render for the big screen would take ~5 min. Add in DOF and your up to 80 min. A 3d frame needs two images, so to render a full size DOF frame needs 2hr and 40 min!

Thanks for all the comments. Makes me want to get on and finish it.


I’ve just rendered a still using the best quality settings (16 OSA, MBLUR, 1650x768). It took about 4hrs as the nano-bot has some raytraced elements.

The halo was added post pro. Which leads me to a question. How can I produce a similar flare using blender? I know about the halo setting and 1 vert objects, but how do I produce a realistic camera based flare that rotates as the light source moves?