"SeMee" rehabilitation software, promotional video.


I want to show my last work done for Brontes Processing company, to promote their major product “SeMee”.
SeeMe is a modern, safe and fully computerized program for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, developed by Brontes Processing in cooperation with specialists.

And what about Blender. All 3D work, animation’s, postproduction was done in Blender, also all assets, animation’s for games in “SeMee” was done in Blender (exported thru FBX with XNA options). There was used cloth simulation and dynamic paint. Characters are from BlendSwap (CC 0). The 2D animation’s was done in AfterEffects.
That’s all, hope You like it. If You have any question’ just ask.

Vimeo- https://vimeo.com/35329556#at=0

SeMee- http://www.virtual-reality-rehabilitation.com/
Brontes Processing- http://www.brontesprocessing.com/
My site- http://adrian2608.weebly.com /