Semi-Cartoon Girl (nudity)

Blender 2.71 (VB30), V-Ray 3.0, Mari, Marvelous Designer 3, Makehuman

How did you make her face look cartoonish? I’ve never tried it in Makehuman, didn’t think it’s possible with the default settings.

P.S. Slava Ukraini :slight_smile:

It’s possible but very limited as you can see, for better looking you have to tweak geometry in Blender.
P.S. Geroyam Slava :slight_smile:

What I noticed. The button on the belly, very low.
Of course, it works well with the surrounded muscles, however, the whole belly area is a little low.
Don’t trust MH, it is more or less wrong. Sorry.

I think its quite good, the upper leg could be a little more muscular… tack on a devious smile, then pose her wandering aimlessly in a traffic jam… ha ha

I think the belly button is a matter of settings. In MH there’s such setting as “Proportions” which makes the upper or lower body longer on purpose.