Semi-completed Soundwave game!!

My love of transformers and old cartoons has given me the drive to create this game! It’s a third person shooter but the only thing you can shoot right now is bricks. I know the materials look bad but I think that’s what I’m going to work on next.

hear is the link


or try this:

Please, be honest, let me know what you think. The meaner you are the more I’ll want to make it better!



Arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot! My roommate is also working on some sound effects!

Have fun

Here is a link to a screen shot:

Really good coordination of foot/deplacement , it’s playable, and the fire bounce is great.
Good job

Thanks Dee,
I got ahold of the first episode of Transformers so today I’m going to work on making the level look better.

Thanks again,


Or either I did something wrong, or either the physics are a bit buggy.
Somehow, the transformer managed to tilt to the right and sink in the floor.
Other than that, it’s waaaaay better than i would be able to do :slight_smile:
Are you planning on implementing the actual transformations of the transformers?

Allright, I fell through the floor and I am now in, what GTA fans call, Blue Hell.
The transformer is getting smaller and smaller as it slowely falls to his death.

Sorry, I built this game in blender 2.42 if you don’t use 2.42 you get a whole different set of physics. Download 2.42 and try it again I really wanna hear your input!

thanks for you time

My mistake.
I downloaded Blender 2.41 a month ago so I didn’t think there’d be a newer version so soon.
I’ll update in a minute.

That’s LOADS better :d
Just one problem, though: the balls (bullets?) the robet fires go straight into the air, so they don’t hit anything usefull. They DID hit the boxes when I ran the file in 2.41.
For the rest, it looks good :wink:
If you keep on working on it that WILL become an awesome game.
I don’t know, but I heard about a similar, commercial game on the PS2. Do you know anything about it?

yeah it was made about a year ago.

i can’t download on this system but the Building in the top right of your screen shot…might look beter with set smooth

Yeah you almost have to be right next to the boxes to shoot them, I’ll have to fix that and make a cooler projectile because the ballz aren’t very cool! Glad you enjoyed it, there will be a new release in a week or so!

As for the game I’ll be the first to buy it and the ‘Ultimate Avengers’ title when they come out! Gotta get inspiration from somewhere!

Yeah, I worked on this level for a few hours but didn’t really like it. I found the first episode of the original Transformers series so I’m going to do a level based on that Cybertron. If you look on page 34 of this month’s ‘Popular Science’ you’ll see where I got the idea for the level.

Thanks again for your interest gentlemen. When you post something drop me a line and I’ll check it out!

I like what you have so far, keep it goin also, have you heard about the upcoming transformers movie?

Heck yeah Ragin!! I’ll be there with my soundwave mask on!

I’ll post a new version soon!

btw dude, please dont put pics on myspace <_< use image shack or photobucket or something

I put the pics there for my ‘friends’ also…

Here is the same pic with a new link:



more to come tomorrow!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Here is another build of the Soundwave game! By the end of nov I want to have the game done!


Check it out, tell me what you think!

May I be the first to compliment your project. Walking animation is superb, and the bouncing and building physics are very good. Keep it up, and good luck on the final release!

your link has been snuffed

yep. the link redirects to some login screen. try using or instead.

Just want to put it out:
For images: use photobucket. Far less annoying than image shack (popups, scaling, ads…), and a very reliable source.

For Files: savefile. There are rarely any problems. Also a very reliable source

This is what i would suggest people use.