Semi-completed Soundwave game!!

This link will take you to a login page just click the button ‘Login as a guest’ and the download will begin.


The Link doesn’t work

It works fine for me. Just click “logon as guest” like delmarco said. The game’s pretty cool, though the bullets don’t seem to work quite right. Other than that, I like the look and the walking animation is good. What was that flashing box thing? It had red dots all over it and it seemed like it was pulsating.

put the files on a web site where u dont have to sign up to download something


  1. Don’t get scared when the sight takes you to a login page just press “login as guest” and the download will begin. Please, try again because I really would like to hear your feedback.

  2. Blendenzo: Yeah the bullets aren’t quite right yet. The red flashy bricks are going to be ‘energon cubes’ that you collect for points. The game must be completed for a class by december so by then the yellow balls will be purple cylinders and the red bricks with stars will resemble more the energon cubes from the original cartoon.

Sweet. Can’t wait tell you finnish it. This is gonna be awesome. Hey I like FreeWebs for any type of file storeage.

Nice game!

Here are some quirks to work out.

If I hold up and left and try to shoot its a no go. But he shoots just fine if I hold up and right. No shooting for any other direction combination. If you hold up and down then let go of one of the directions it kills the walk animation but you can still move around. Like ice skating and almost just as exciting…

I like the walk animation but the bullets are funky. I shoot the gun and they travel in almost absolute values of sinalsodial (i can’t spell) waves.

Thanks for the comments, I didn’t even think to test the button combinations! I want the game to be stylized after the orginal cartoon so some of the designs will change. Im shooting for early december for the game to be finished.

thanks again