Semi-Daily Sculpt

I is learning to use the sculpt tool. I’ll post my attempts here. Let me know what yous think.


Will these be completely sculpted from a primitive? If not, perhaps you could explain what you started with so that we can see what is sculpted and what is not.

I started this one by making a basic human shape with boxes and giving it a nose. So the muscle-ly parts and anything that looks defined would be scuplted.

how’s the sculpting going? where are the posts?

Okay… so maybe even Semi-Daily was a bit much. I started working on a project and almost completely forgot.:o

This took me about 10-15 mins. It’s from a cube that was multires up. I forgot the make the eye first and then build around it, which is why it looks so strange.

Any tips for if I want to go even higher. I lowered the Undo steps to 2. Any less and I feel crippled.


It’s WAAAAAAY to lumpy. Start with the multires at lower levels to get a good outline, then raise the levels slowly as you need to add more detail. Don’t just skip ahead and start sculpting at level 5 or whatever.

I wanna see a wire.

I’m also a beginner at scultping but this is what I have discovered so far:
Start of with a good base shape that closely resembles what you are going for. So you should have the basic head allready modelled. This will enable you to get the details you need at a much lower reslevel.
Do as Hobo Joe suggested start with a low reslevel and put in the overall shape you need. Don’t be afraid to go down a level to add larger geometric deformations.
Use the smooth brush to get rid of the bumps in your model.
And practice practice practice.
Hope that helps.

Okay. Here is another. I started with a base mesh with short legs and long large arms. The idea of detailing at a lower level didn’t really click until I got around the arms. I now know what youz guys mean. I just have to figure out how to apply it effectively now.

Let me know what youz thinks.


It’s real cool!

Here’s what I tried today. Twas about 20-30 minutes. Had some problems at first when I didn’t apply the armature to the correct level. This one seems simple, but I like it because it’s the first thing that has come out as far as I pictured it. I say as far because I just put this simple beast in my head and tried to make it. Once I made it, I started making the flappy skin.

For some reason the x symmetry stopped working for certain parts of the sculpt once I applied the Armature. Guess I have to learn to work it differently now.


real cool, I love the one with short legs and long arms.

Old revive. I’ve not sculpted (or used blender for that matter) in a very long time. I started with the base head mesh in Mudbox and went from there. This was rendered with Cycles.

The mudbox render is on my site. Check it out below!