Semi-large model, Blender hangs randomly

I’m working on a semi-large model (a 3d layout for a local club), and recently it’s started hanging. I would guess it’s just too many verticies for my computer to handle, but that shouldn’t be the case as I have:

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (2.19ghz)
1gb Ram

I haven’t tried it at home on my AMD 64-bit 3000+ yet, but I only have 512 ram there.

I dont know the total number of verticies, but I would estimate about 1000+ a room with 5 rooms so far.

I had originally thought it would be the plane I had placed as the flooring as it was quite large, but I deleted it and Blender stopped working again a few moments later.

Any ideas on what it could be?

Also, I tried exporting the project as a .3ds file to load into Swift3d later on, but the .3ds file is blank (no scenes).

what errors are you getting? Did you try running blender from the console with -d as a startup option (blender -d).

Windows or linux?

but I would estimate about 1000+ a room with 5 rooms so far.

That’s not very large as far as models go. I don’t believe it is a size issue.


In a single model you should be able to handle I think about a million polys for that ram (transforms will be laggy a bit though…).

So no the poly count should not be an issue.

Perhaps you are having grahics card problems? I’d try a lower quality setting for your graphics card.


Sorry it took so long to reply. I’m not at work on Wed., and I’ve been out all day. I’ll try starting with the -d option tomorrow.

Glad to know it’s not the poly count, it would’ve highly suprised me.

Thanks for the suggestions.

might be bad ram too. I get a memory protection fault with several of my programs (win xp) - not just blender. But blender crashes more frequently now with 2.4 installed compared to previous versions. Wondering if maybe the code which accesses memory has changed in the re-write?