Semi old video making me crazy

I am trying to replicate this video (except the smoke at the moment)

I didn’t found a tutorial or a howto of this classic video demonstrating smoke.

Replicating something similar using particles-explode-solidify modifier is very easy, but the rebound of the fragments using particles is very weird compared to the one of the video that seems to use bullet. Also I see that the sphere is already broke before start, so I suspect that is using Fracture scripts that are bundled with 2.5 too. But I didn’t know how to use the bomb included in that scripts yet, that I suppose its needed, an also if later I want to add smoke how that smoke could follow the rebounding fragments (if I use Fracture techniques).

Also I tried to search here, in the forums, without results. Anyone know how to replicate that or where a guide or tutorial is?

Thank you very much.