Semi Paid Work, Modeling and Texture

Hey Blender Artists,

I have an opportunity to make training videos for the guy’s at my work. The videos cover some pretty technical subjects and require demonstrations which I am using blender for in place of physically demonstrating the topics myself.

The problem I have is that I do not have time to cover the whole project myself. I think at this point the quality will suffer if I don’t let someone else cover some of the more time consuming parts of the project. below is a very basic project flow I have been following.

-Create and organize content, script, topics etc
-Create 3D model, texture
-Lighting and scene
-Record script
-develop animation strategy and camera locations based on script
-Render (and usually correction and re-render)
-Video editing
-Create written material for field use.
-(Other content development not relevant to here)

I would like to have someone help me with the modeling and texture, possibly the lighting and background, and possibly help with the render settings.

I have several videos to make so my thinking is that I will take anyone who wants to model a single object in a scene or a single person who wants to do it all. If you know how a project like this can be handled so that is smooth and just want to offer advice, I’ll accept that as well. I have a friend that loves video editing and I think he can cover that part but I’m not taking it off the table if someone thinks they want to help with that as well.

Below is my first attempt. I am not very satisfied with it and it is what I want to redo first. This should kind of give and idea of what the project is. The voice overs are temporary readings to I could time the camera movement some one else will do the final voice over.

First Video in series (by far the worse)

Second Video in series

Third Video in series

Fourth Video in series

This was the pressure section and I have; pressure, differential pressure covering flow and level, temperature, pressure switches, temperature switches, valves (pneumatic and motor operated), flame scanners … The list goes on, I see at least a years worth of work for me so I am open to as many people wanting to take part as I can get. I know this forum generally is pretty scarce when comes to feedback but feel free to PM me.

I will be making between $200 and $500 for a complete video series (all of the videos above are part of the same series). The money isn’t the motivation for me its the exposure and attention I will get from the company that I am interested in the most. My thinking is that I will pay from $30-$50 per model in the scene and the more time some one can save me the more I am willing to pay. I believe this is cheap compared to what I think the work is worth, that’s why I posted in volunteer work.

I am interested. I will PM you. You can see some of my work in the weekly challenge.