Semi-realistic character creation

Ok, I have a few questions about character modeling. I would like to try my hand at making a semi-realistic character in blender (advent children style-ish) but don’t understand the steps to 3D modeling a character. I’ve watched the blendercookie tutorials on texturing the elf head, Jonathan Williamson’s tutorial on sculpting a human head, modeling the female body, and David Ward’s tutorial on box modeling a cartoon character. I have many questions on this subject such as: what’s the pros/cons on box modeling vs. sculpting? What’s the way to have a high poly and low poly model that look the same (elf head tutorial)? Is this sort of endeavor possible in cycles? Is there a realistic way to do hair in cycles that will look good?

I don’t expect you to answer these questions in depth, but do you possibly have any references on these subjects that I could look at since I can’t find any? Thanks for the help!

I haven’t personally sculpted much myself due to a crappy computer but from what I understand you can bake normal maps from the sculpted model and then apply them to a lower poly model after retopo. This, from what I understand, applies the higher poly details from the sculpt to the lower poly mesh as a texture which helps when animating or rendering large scenes. Again I have done none of this personally but this is what I’ve gathered from my research.


i would suggest looking at getting the blender cookie 2010 trainig. it takes you from modelling a character, sculpting, hair, texturing and rigging.

i am doint it at the moment and love it.

if your familiar with blender you dont really need the whole training just the 2nd part

Looks pretty good, lioncirth. Thanks for the recommendation!