semi realistic dart

(scrappy) #1

this is a dart that i modeled and rendered in about an hour, with faked GI and dof.

(LohnS) #2

hey very cool! i like it alot, eslecially the back thingy =P

(kaktuswasse) #3

yeah,cool. But the metal at the parts where you hold it,is too

But the metal texture is really really coool.

cu Henrik

(azrael) #4

Great job, I really like it :smiley:

IMO the DOF is a little to much … try lessening it a bit

Keep up the good work!

(blengine) #5

the dof and the grips are a bit weird… but i love it all together!

(Goofster) #6

heheh, I feel a contest comin’ up :smiley:

very nice dart, the tip looks a bit strange tho. is it an electronic dart or something? the point is all black, and non-metallish

(BgDM) #7

I agree that the DOF is a little off. Also, I have never seen a chrome dart. Most of them are a flatter, non-polished surface. Change the texture on the shaft and this will be great.


(shibbydude) #8

That looks like a dart I did. I think that yours is one of those plastic tipped darts that is replaceable.

(joeyjoejoe) #9

The first time I looked at it, I thought it was an acuall pucture. Great job!

(scrappy) #10

i don’t think that it is actuall picture material, but that works for me :wink: and it is one of those plastic tipped darts.

(micabr) #11

very good, very good, I also agree on making the metal not so refective

(BMD) #12

where’s the shadow?
great job
why’s the tip fuzzy?
i like the rest

(valarking) #13
  1. the shadows are under the dart. geez…
  2. the tip is fuzzy brcause of dof (a bit too much i think)

nice pic btw!