Semi-realistic female head sculpt

Hi! I’m trying to make a semi-realistic female head for realtime rendering to add to my portfolio.
My workflow is going to be:
Basic sculpt (dynamic) - retop - detail scuplt - bake details - texture - and render in marmoset.

I’d love some feedback on this, really want to push myself and make and make something I can be proud of!

This is where I am at with the basic sculpt:

It’s a good start but it’s got some bad overall proportions. Don’t be afriad to use referernece image when sculpting. You can use image planes rotated to help. The big overall proportions must be good or no amount of tweaking will fix it. Starting from front view, the eyes are slightly too large overall, and they should be a little wider a relative sense. The big problem is they should be closer together, good looking eyes are 1 eye width apart. The nose is way too wide, it should be narrower, the nostrils are huge. And the bottom of the nose should be lower. Next You then need to either lower the top of the head, or move the chin up. The ballpark face thirds are hairline to eyebrow 1/3, eyebrow to bottom of nose 1/3. bottom of nose to bottom of chin 1/3. Keep going, I’ve had stuff look exactly like this, and a few hours later, using references, it was a very good looking face.

The center image I cut and pasted your features with some rough guidelines, scaled and moved much closer to proper. On the right is the classic golden face proportions.

Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:
I’ve shifted around the facial features a bit now, and made the nose A LOT smaller (I always make noses too big) :wink:
Do you have any other suggestions?




Looking good so far. Keep learning and practicing your anatomy. Always try to look at your model objectively. Don’t get too attached to one version, you can always change it back. Here are two great videos about sculpting in mudbox I would recommend checking out.

I often find it helpful to create 3D guides while I’m working to help me conform to these proportions. Usually a cube with loop cuts along all the key lines, set to wire view.

Thanks for the links! There are some good tips in there!

And yeah, staying objectively critical towards your own work is sooo hard! A couple of hours into a sculpt session it’s so easy to either hate or love the thing you are sculpting without really thinking… That’s when you should take a coffee break! It’s usually looks totally different when you come back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, done some more work, repositioning the eyes and trying to work in more muscle and bone definition.
I still don’t think it looks right, I think I’m going to go backwards and try to get the proportions and planes of the face better.

Any ideas what makes it look wrong?

Huge improvements. Let’s just look at the eyes. Forget everything else and get them 1 eye apart. The eyes should be almost exactly one eye apart and there will usually be not quite a full eye, .5 - 1 eyewidth to the side of the face. Right now you should pull the outside of eye a tiny bit closer to side of face, and pull the inside of the eyes closer to the center.