(Semi) Realistic Sun

Hi BlenderHeads,

I’ve been working in Blender for the past weeks, trying to make a somewhat realistic Sun in Blender 2.42. Learned a lot with this project, actually so much that i intend to make a tutorial on how to achieve something like this, so i don’t forget anything :wink:

There is a video i made (xvid) that you can get here.



Hey, cool this is something I’ve been workjing on too. Try having much brighter edges on your sun, similar to what you’ve done with the big red glowing err, glow. This way, the edges wont be so clearly defined. I hope you know what I mean… Experimenting with several layers of glows would work well as well, you know, getting brighter as the get closer to the sun. Anyway, these are suggestions only, this is looking real good, I like the sunspots!

Good start! Take a look at some of those reference pictures:



It seems like at the point where those eruptions occur (at the very right of your picture), you can see what’s under the sun’s ‘skin’, as this is glowing hot.

The main texture seems to be just a tad too regular.

I guess the actual color of the sun in an image depends on the filters you use for your camera, so yours seems ok.

Nice work so far.

weaselandalf: thanks, glad you liked it :D.

About the fuzzy edges you’re proposing; the idea here is to be close to the real thing (although the Sun is a very complex subject, that’s why i put (semi) in the title ;))…this idea came from a job i’m doing, but the client preferred a different approach to the Sun, making it simpler and more toony, so now i’m going to brighten the corona a lot more (the red glowing glow), effectively “fuzzying” it…

But the edges are sharp because i’m trying to represent the “surface” of the Sun: the photosphere. Although we know that the Sun doesn’t have a surface “per si” (after all, is made of gases), the photosphere does look sharp in visible light.

I don’t know if i’m going to finish this one, but i plan to remake it from scratch for the tutorial (did a lot of mistakes in my first try, after all i was experimenting).

About the sunspots: they’re made with two different Musgrave textures, mapped to two different spheres (for the penumbra and umbra of the sunspots). They could be better, probably the easiest way was to paint the sunspots in an image but i wanted to avoid that approach, at least for now. So everything you see was made and rendered solely in Blender.

Blend On

Hey Jobbe,

The idea here is to simulate the Sun as seen in visible light, the images you showed were taken in ultraviolet…But i agree that the Sun is way more spectacular in other wavelengths, but because i’m still tinkering with Blender, went for a “quieter” Sun…

You can see an example here of the visible Sun…quite boring actually, i just added the corona and a prominence to break up the monotony.

But, when i have more time, probably i’ll try to do a more exciting Sun (although it’s just a matter of putting more particle systems and different textures).

Jobbe: about the main texture, i agree with you…probably will increase the size of the clouds…

Thanks for the input :smiley:

nice but i´ve got a virus of that link!

eaglebreath: a virus? that’s weird, my antivirus is up to date…and i don’t believe that that site would put viruses in uploaded files, but one can’t take too many chances… What virus does it appear to have? And what is your antivirus?

Afaik, for a jpeg to be dangerous you need to have a program installed, that executed hostile code in jpegs. There’s quite a bit to read about this online, for example here: http://security.itworld.com/4352/020624jpegvirus/page_1.html . The thing to note is, that the viruses author was the one sending it to McAfee, that is, he wanted to show them what’s theoretically possible. Now McAfee tries to scare people into buying their products by hyping it… Nothing to worry about, really. Then again, use linux and you won’t have any problems of that kind at all :smiley:

Bellboy: Woops, I didn’t know about the pics beeing UV, but it makes sense :] Thanks for clarifying!

Jobbe: Maybe i wasn’t clear when i said that i mapped the musgrave textures; they’re not UVmapped…:stuck_out_tongue: they’re regular Musgrave procedural textures with a regular sphere mapping, but i use two different textures with slightly different parameters and are in two different spheres so they can be in different render layers :wink:

Uh no I was referring to the links I posted and them having been taken in ultraviolet wavelengths. Sorry for the confusion :smiley:

phew, nothing to worry about :slight_smile: thanks jobbe for clarifying that virus-thing. It was called something “pop up” and I have avira antivirus

eaglebreath: Probably the antivirus is just warning you of a popup that appears in that site, nothing troublesome… That’s the downside of this kind of sites; they allow you to upload files rapidly without the need to create an account, but they get their money from publicity like popups.