Semi-Toony street

Hello all, here’s what I’ve recently been working on.I decided half way through to make the scene a bit less toony than originally intended as I wanted to practice some texturing too. Some modelling aspects were a challenge, like the fire hydrant which I was quite proud of, I almost didn’t want to distort it, so I included a pic of it ‘pre-wonkiness’. Anyways, all comments welcome!

Edit: I have added images as attachement as well as requested.


Nice toon modeling!
The curved ladder is a nice touch.

Could you attach an image please?
(My college blocks photo links, but attachements work!)

Hey man! Looks nice! I think that the style and texturing is very good!
However the lightning on the (well-made ;)) fire hydrant could be more intresting, maybe by adding some more red tone, or somthing like that.
Also the City ends very sudden behind the houses. Maybe consider drawing a background with some elements (like the silluette of other houses and maybe some sky)?

Anyway, its a very well made image, and I really like it!

Very nice image and great mood.

Nice Work!!

nice, but looks kind of gray?

take a look at the histogram, maybe play with the levels a bit.

ya! there fine work in there, cool 4 stars, I don`t know about the
lighting but its toon its working!

Hi everybody and cheers for the comments, ratings and advice.
Lasphere yup, the hydrant could stand out a bit more I guess and I think your on to something with the background, it could certainly stand to have some rooftops back there, thanks for the advice!
Jack000: Yup the color balance was a difficult part. I have not done any color correction postprod, just resized in PS. I will adjust the RGB curve node a bit more. Is that what you mean, or is there another method you would recommend?

Edit: Have updated the image.

Hey agaiN! It looks nice with the rooftop-adition in the background! And I like the way you pushed up the contrast, to make the fire hydrant stand more out! Great improvement!! :smiley:

wow, i really love this one, you really nailed it! specially the textures and light, i really like the ladder (form the left side) and the rooftops hihi

I like scene very much. It’s a 4 star job.

You could make some texture distance between bricks and wooden part.

You need some story, some living things in scene. Maybe to put some mystic item. Give scene some life to make it a 5 star image!

Great job…

Nice! I do think that the hydrant could have some more texturing.
Very impressive though! :slight_smile:

Hello all!
Lasphere, thanks again for your tips, I think it looks better with the rooftops like you said, and I added extra light on the hydrant. Also adjusted the RGB levels a bit and I think it worked quite well, thanks Jack000.
I might put a character in the scene eventually, but I am still learning rigging, and I will now get back to that until I have understood rigging better, particularly how to make joints deform smoothly.:spin:

Looks pretty neat…couple suggestions tho.
You have a very sweet composition…and design overall…but lacks a lil focus on any object…as in it doesnt lead ur eye to any particular place …u know what i mean…
so u could do a few touchups to help that…details below.

#1 Wouldnt it be much more interesting if u had a light on in one of the main windows(with the wooden slats) so its shining thru them giving some interesting highlights to the balcony panels…and have some more specular differences in the materials over all… so that some catch moon light stronger than the others…
.Attached an uber quick paintover I did to explain myself better…;).

#2 Somehow to me the hydrant looks out of place in this setting… …the hydrant seems too modern for this setting somehow…could be just me.

hope this helps…enjoy…
keep going…its coming along nicely.


Hi Phlopper!
You have a really good scene here, congratulations! :slight_smile:
Your image’s gamma needs adjustment, some more time on that would have improved it quite a lot. The latest one just added a “reddish” issue on it.
But good work nonetheless! :slight_smile:

@ nirmaldavid, you read the man! your suggestions are spot-on! :yes:

I agree about the fire hydrant, the scene looks somewhat like something out of a Dickens novel (if Dickens wrote comic books, that is), and thus the fire hydrant looks almost too modern.

Hee hee, I could almost see a toony Johnny Depp-type guy peeking out from the porch/balcony, that’s the kind of feeling I get from this scene.

Hi everyone and thanks for all the tips. Nirmaldavid- WOW that looks pretty cool what you did there, amazing lighting effect, I will see If I can get this effect in blender with halos and adjusting the spec of some shaders as you said. D’espadas, I am not entirely sure what is meant by gamma correction, ist it like the levels adjustement in photoshop? (I have very limited skills in 2d apps)
I will also do a render without the hydrant, though it HURTS, and I might have to make another still image showign the fire hydrant in a completely different scene.

aww…come on dude…dont tell me after all the hard work u did on all the buildings…
we just told u ur favorite things might be out of place???

About the halo thing…does blenders mist/fog effect pick up light like this???
just curious…