semi-transparent mask?

Okay. I’m at wit’s end, and I’m sure the answer is painfully simple and obvious…

I want to create a text object that slowly masks what’s behind it. So at first it will be completely invisible, then slowly, everything behind it will disappear.

So far, all I can do is have it either fully masked or fully not masked (and by this, I mean I can have the alpha at 0 to produce a complete mask or I can have it at 1, which renders my text object as white).

What am I missing (you wonderful people)?

First… are you doing this in Cycles or in Blender Interal (Blender Render) ?

Blender render. Super basic.

Us e a Blend texture mapped to an Empty, and animate the empty for effect. Then set up the blend texture to affect alpha.

you can set the transparency to key frame, seems like it may work for you