Semi transparent objects

hello,does anyone know how to fix this? i applied textures to the model but its semi transparent on some parts

Check your mesh normal directions.Otherwise ,it could be overlapping mesh too (see the part above the rear tire).

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yup. Just like @pixelgrip said, general good first rule of thumb is if textures are ever appearing strange or objects look werid, or modifiers/modifications like bevel or smooth are acting funny your ritual should be-

  • Edit mode, recalc normals;
  • While in edit mode, enable normal direction viewing so you can physically see which way they face and manually inspect;
  • Freeze rotation and scale. Be very cautious freezing location. Unlike Maya, blender calculates the object origin as part of its location and for WHATEVER stupid reason will send it back to the center of the world. I do not understand that what so ever. Freezing location should not recalc the origin, just how the verts sit in relation to the world origin and maintain the origin location so you dont lose local transform data in world space but thats a separate discussion. Point is dont do location unless you know what you are doing but even that you may need to do if you ever notice it is the child of something and it say, moves twice as far as the child when you move the child on a given axis.

My suggestion is to save before recalcing normals also… If your mesh is a lot for your computer or blender to handle then you can easily crash especially if you spam blender if it hangs so, just easier and safer to do that first.

If none of that fixes anything let us know