Seminole Bingo

Based on one of my favorite Warren Zevon songs, so it’s probably not very PC. DILLIGAF? Still lots of work to do, but thought I’d post the WIP. This’ll be a good learning experience for me. The aim is for a tacky, down-on-the-heels roadside casino/bingo hall. Lots of lights, etc. I know the “asphalt” stinks. The cars are just placeholders so I can judge size, composition, etc. Crits welcome, and thx!


Good start!
I’d love to see it with more work :slight_smile:

Ha - you got the atmosphere just perfect. You must be a regular at places like that.

LOL. Funny thing, I’ve never been inside one of these halls. I don’t much care to gamble. Many years of listening to WZ have built a pretty clear mental picture that’s demanding to be put into bits and bytes. With any luck I can get some more done on this tonight, it’s almost the weekend, yay!

A couple hours of work last night and tonight. Playing with the lighting a bit. Cars are still pretty much just placeholders. I think my scale is off on the signs in the foreground, will play with that more tomorrow. I want to do the building walls as corrugated metal, not sure yet how to do that but will experiment a bit.