Semprot Bot

Hi guys, here is my latest art work. It’s based onthis concept .

textured using substance painter.



additional render :slight_smile:

clay render


wow I really like it already nice work

funny little guy with his jetpack :slight_smile:

Nice job!!!

Wow!!! Really incredible all around. The texturing is perfect, it really makes if feel like a physical object.

Beautiful spraybot.

thanks Guys for your nice comment, really appreciate it. :smiley:

Aww, love the little guy and all those poses :smiley:

very cute!

Superb lighting and camera settings! really well done

nice work i like it to , good job

omg that looks so cool and the rigg looks realistic too and the desings is just adorable i love the dab pose its amazing

This is so cool, love the design!

Cakep nih bang buat nge gosok pakaian wkwkwkkk , sorry i can’t speak english

Looks great! He gets my Imagination flying. Thank you.

Wow like it :smiley: so … now make everyday stuff as a robot :smiley:

haha very creative little robot there. Great work!

hi guys, i tried to render it using eevee. This is my first time using this render engine. the result is blown my mind. Eevee render is awesome


wee, terima kasih :smiley: