Send Logic Brick TRUE over to other object?

I have an object’s Logic Bricks that give a TRUE if it meets a condition, ok, but, I want another object’s Logic Bricks to get the TRUE/FALSE and then do something.

I tried using a property to send it over to the other object, but no success.

You can select both objects and drag a link from one object to another.

Scene.objects[otherobject][propertyname] = own[propertyname]

And write a Python script just for that? Can’t you just use the copy property actuator, (probably not) or even the message actuator with a property in its belly. But the simplest way is what sdgeoff said. Jut select both objects, and the bricks on each will appear together.

as sdfgeoff says:

select both objects and connect them.

or use a message brick

or try the other solutions